World Wide Support – German Petition 61453

It is really good to see, that the vaping community exists in reality. Dr. Pötschke-Langer from DKFZ always says, that no social vaping community exists. According to here understanding all vapers are payed e-cig lobbyists.

I have never seen a e-cig lobbyist. Only Big-Tobacco and Big-Pharma have the money to pay lobbyists.
But we vapers will show here and the politics, that we aren’t payed e-cigs lobbyists but a big community!

The petition will end on 20.01.2016 and 50.000 signees are required!
Please follow this guideline to sign the german petition:

Translation in Czech for signing the petition:

Support of german petition 61453 world wide (list will be updated):



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